Enjoy some of our recent work.

  • Driveway Sealing and Pool Sealing
    Resealing paver driveway and pool area

    This beautiful driveway was first sealed six years ago. You may notice the faint line across the middle of the driveway from allowing the sealer to dry while applying six years ago.. After talking with the owners I found that it was rolled on instead of being sprayed on. The line is from allowing the sealer to dry while applying. We were able to almost completely fix this for them with our process!

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  • Efflorescense and Sealing
    Cleaning & Resanding

    These pavers show efflorescence, staining and fading. These pictures highlight those problems and show the cleaning and resanding process before sealing. When resanding paver joints the sand should be swept in, and then the area rewashed to allow the sand to drop down between the pavers. Sand joints should NOT be filled up to the top.

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  • Faded driveway before sealing
    Faded driveway back to life

    Another great example of how cleaning and sealing your driveway can greatly improve your home's curb appeal. These pavers had faded and lost most of their color and appeal. All is not lost though, with a good cleaning and sealing they look brand new again! View Project

  • Pool Area

    Beautiful craftsmanship around this pool, it just needed that one extra step, sealed!

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  • Best paver sealer in the industry
    Water beading

    This is a demonstration of Seal 'n Lock on half of a driveway. It provides superior protection from the elements and adds beautiful luster!

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  • driveway sealing
    New driveway

    This is a common request, the driveway looks great already, but the owners wanted to have that "wet" look all the time.. Sealing it keeps the luster all the time!

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